Cold-drawing metal: the case of steel

Metal stamping is a processing technique that plays a key role in many industries, from automotive manufacturing to the construction of everyday objects. Among the various metals used for this process, steel is one of the most versatile and widely used materials.

Why is steel the ideal candidate in a deep-drawing process and why is it also the first choice in Prodotti EBI? Let’s explore it together!

What is metal drawing?

Metal deep drawing is a cold forming technique that involves deforming a metal sheet or disc into the desired three-dimensional shape. This operation is performed at or slightly above room temperature, without the need to heat the material, and can be carried out using hydraulic or mechanical presses. This is why it falls under the heading of cold forming of metals.

Why is steel the ideal material for deep-drawing?

Steel is one of the most commonly used metals in cold drawing, and this is due to its exceptional mechanical and chemical characteristics:

  • high ductility: steel is highly ductile, which means that it can be easily deformed without breaking or creating cracks. This characteristic is essential when working with complex shapes during deep drawing.
  • corrosion resistance: this well-known characteristic of steel makes it suitable for applications in damp or weathered environments, and therefore perfect for future applications of deep-drawing products.
  • high mechanical strength: steel offers good mechanical strength, ensuring that deep-drawn components are robust and able to withstand significant loads.
  • availability and cost: steel is widely available and is one of the cheapest metals, making it an advantageous choice for large-scale production.

The perfect mix of steel’s characteristics makes it the ideal material for making metal components for deep-drawing, and it is also one of the most suitable raw materials for the automotive industry.

Deep-drawing metal components for the automotive industry

But what are actually the car parts that we can get by deep-drawing and produce daily in Prodotti EBI?

Car parts such as door panels, bonnets and mudguards fall into this category; all components formed by deep-drawing steel which, thanks to their composition, provide an excellent compromise between lightness and efficiency, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and car safety.

Other deep-drawn items are containers and tanks: the container and tank industry often uses deep-drawn steel to produce containers for liquids and gases, including coils used in the automotive industry. Durability and corrosion resistance are the characteristics that make deep-drawn steel containers the ideal and safest choice.

The versatility of steel in deep drawing allows the production of a wide range of components, contributing to the progress and quality of products in industries around the world, especially the automotive industry. Contact us now!