How to make metalworking more sustainable and economical

The increase in electricity and gas costs affects all European production activities and is putting at risk various realities. The metal machining’s sector is at the top for consumption, because of the energy and heat needed to be able to perform the different operations of stamping, bending, welding, cutting, drawing, etc… of metals. The only way to be able to continue production and respond to the needs of the market in a timely manner is to optimize production processes and digitize as much as possible the preliminary stages.

Cold forming, a green choice

The cold forming of metals, for example, the main activity that we carry out in Prodotti EBI, already in itself allows an energy saving: the absence of the need to heat the metal before it can be shaped, in addition to ensuring a lower expenditure of electricity, also involves savings from the economic point of view. But cold forming is not enough to deal with the energy crisis in which we are involved.

In addition to having to deal with energy and economic expenditure, in the metalworking sector every day is subjected to the incessant demands of a constantly evolving market and constantly looking for high-performance and customized solutions. The only alternative to deal with these requests quickly and sustainably is to find the solution that allows, at the same time, to have lower costs and to better meet the required standards.

Process simulation and feasibility analysis: the answer for 360° savings

How to achieve this? By digitizing production and performing an accurate feasibility analysis!
Relying on process simulation systems that simulate all cold deformation processes means to understand beforehand whether you can respond to the demand made by the market and whether – if this possible – what would be the economic impact of the processing on the farm. The possibility to perform this type of preventive analysis allows not only to have a complete picture of the processing that will be put in the field, but also to optimize costs and to continuously improve the approach used for the different production processes. By proceeding by simulated attempts, the possibility of error is drastically reduced to arrive at the perfect solution without any extra economic expenditure if not the one related to production.

Integrating new tools in the world of metalworking, such as simulation software for feasibility analysis, is no longer just a demonstration of wanting to keep up with the times, but is is also – and above all – a fundamental choice in order to be able to reduce energy consumption and, consequently, to calm costs. 

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