Steel, the most sustainable of metals

At Prodotti EBI we are used to dealing with different types of metal on a daily basis: copper, iron and brass have no secrets for us. But the metal we appreciate the most for its qualities, its characteristics and its low environmental impact is stainless steel. Stainless steel is in fact a noble metal, with an iron-based alloy, capable of combining tensile strength, hardness and very high resistance to corrosion in a single sheet.

This is why an increasing number of industries, such as automotive and agricultural machinery, to which we devote a large part of our operations, are turning their attention to stainless steel and choosing to manufacture their metal components in this material.

Environmental sustainability: easy to achieve with stainless steel!

In recent years the focus on environmental impact has become more and more important, and here too stainless steel is ahead of all other materials. This is due to its main characteristic: stainlessness. The high durability of the material and its low deterioration over time means that the amount of material to be disposed of is greatly reduced, which is why stainless steel is unbeatable. In addition to its durability, which is guaranteed by its components and stainlessness, stainless steel is 100% recyclable!

Once a metal component made of stainless steel reaches the end of its life and ceases to perform its intended function, it can be dismantled and cast again to generate a new starting material. Sheets, tubes, bars which, in turn, will be the starting point for creating metal components. Stainless steel thus proves to be a material that can be recycled completely and indefinitely, without losing its original qualities!

Stainless: how to resist over time

The stainlessness that characterises stainless steel is due to the protective patina that forms on the surface of the material once it is exposed to the air; this patina is able to block the oxidation process and prevent the formation of rust. This process is mainly due to the presence of chromium, nickel, titanium and molybdenum in the steel – a particular combination, the only one capable of creating this special effect. This peculiarity of stainless steel makes it the perfect material to be used in a wide range of sectors: from automotive, pharmaceutical, food and construction.

In addition to being stainless, recyclable and long-lasting, stainless steel has a number of further advantages including: ease of processing (being quite malleable), ease of polishing and ease of cleaning (which also makes it much more hygienic than other materials).

Stainless steel is the material of the future

For all its unparalleled characteristics and, in particular, its total recyclability, we are sure that stainless steel will be the material of the future.
Don’t waste time: choose to keep up with the times and make your metal components in stainless steel! Contact us for a personalised project or visit us.