Metal components for the agricultural sector: how to get them

Tractors and machines used in the agricultural sector are increasingly innovative and equipped with the latest technology. The production of metal parts intended for this specific sector requires in-depth skills and long experience in the metal components sector.

Metal components’production for the agricultural sector in Prodotti EBI

Prodotti EBI, which has been involved in the cold forming of sheet metal for over a hundred years, puts every day several machines works to produce metal components for the agricultural sector. After analyzing the customer’s needs and performing a preliminary feasibility analysis, we realize a prototype of the requested product. Only after verifying the quality and functionality we start the production!

This modus operandi guarantees us to always give the customer the best product on the market, customizing it based on the needs and final application of the metal component.

Metal components for agricultural machinery

Correct operation of tractors and other agricultural machinery always depends on the supports that compose them and the correct interlocking of the gears inside them. When these components work in synergy, the work done by agricultural machinery is truly efficient and high-performing.

That’s why, when making metal components for the agricultural sector, it is essential to take into account which elements it will have to interact with and which stresses it will have to undergo. Only by designing the product in advance and evaluating its actual use will it be possible to create a product that is functional, efficient and long-lasting over time, starting from a simple metal sheet.

Agriculture: what metals use for tractors?

Production starts with a sheet of metal…but what metal? From boro steel, to anti-sharp steel, to high resistance steel, it is according to the application and the agricultural machine to which they are destined that at EBI Products we choose which raw material to use to make the required components. Then, our technicians, depending on the material and the specific shape to be obtained, decide which is the most suitable press and to which processes the material will be subjected. Inside our modern and constantly updated machinery park, there are in fact several machines, each with its own specific features and suitable for the most varied operations.

After the stamping phase, at Prodotti EBI we also take care of the welding and washing phase of metal components for the agricultural sector.
A true 360° service! From the design to the delivery of the finished product: in us you will find a partner who follows every step, with care and attention to every single detail.

Are you choosing who to trust with the production of metal components for your agricultural machinery manufacturing industry? Prodotti EBI is the answer!
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