Steel: 2022 is a promising year for the entire industry

The steel sector begins the new year with much hope: the prospect of an increase in both production and consumption of steel compared to 2021. This is what come out from the Mercarto&Dintorni” webinar held by Stefano Ferrari of siderweb, “the steel community” who pays particular attention to the national and international steel market on a daily basis.

Increase in consumption in the new year: the recovery of steel
The forecasts made by the siderweb Research Department and presented in this webinar show that in 2022 there will be significant growth in the entire steel market, despite the fact that the Asian market is significantly slowing down the production – and consequently the consumption – of raw materials. According to the data, steel consumption in the world will increase by 2.2% and in Europe will record values above 4%, with an apparent demand that will touch peaks of 153 million tons (one million more than in 2018, a year that had been considered particularly prosperous for the sector).

2022 is therefore set to be a particularly encouraging year for steel and for all companies involved in the production, processing and trading of this material, which is so precious and so present in our lives.

Steel in Italy, criticality and prospects for the future

The webinar also revealed what could be critical issues that the industry will have to deal with: unpredictable events related to the pandemic, logistical problems and rising energy prices, which have already begun to weigh on Italian companies.

Still regarding the local market, Eurofer (European association of steel producers) has announced that in 2023 and 2024 investments by the Italian steel industry will rise by 15.5% compared to 2020. A figure that brings peace of mind and great expectations to all industries in our territory.

Steel and Prodotti EBI, a stainless bond!

Steel is one of the most common raw materials in the production of metal components for automotive and agricultural machinery, and at Prodotti EBI we deal with this element on a daily basis. The positive forecasts for the sector are therefore particularly encouraging also for our reality and put us in the conditions to think about the future with renewed enthusiasm and new proposals for our customers all over the world!

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