Metal welding: one more service for our customers

From project to final product’s assembly: anyone who come in Prodotti EBI with a need is sure to come out with the best finished product made of metal.
In this process that leads from design to reality, there is also a crucial phase that allows us to actually obtain a product completely customized: welding.
In Prodotti EBI  you can:

_obtain very high level welding on different materials (aluminum, iron, steel, copper …) thanks to our large and updated machine park
_have all the advantages of the most efficient technologies in the field of metal welding available.

In fact, there are different metal welding operations, each with its own peculiarities and able to respond to different needs.
Let’s find out the types of welding present in our company!

Continuous wire welding

Also known as MIG (Metal-arc Inert Gas) or MAG (Metal-arc Active Gas) welding, depending on the gas used to protect the weld pool, continuous wire welding allows two metal components to be joined through a wire that is melted. What you will see in this type of operation is just a roll of wire which, once inserted inside the machine, is melted to act as a union between the two metal parts. The continuous wire welding operation is particularly advantageous as it is a flexible process, because it can be applied to any type of metal, and suitable for high production rates.

How is continuous wire welding carried out in Prodotti EBI? Thanks to our welding robots that can be enriched with a rotary table equipped with PLC rotation axis managed. Our advice is to choose this type of process for small components or components that will be mass-produced, in order to obtain an excellent result in no time!

Projection welding

In this process, bosses (or projections) are used to concentrate thermal energy and mechanical energy in a precise point and thus create a deep junction between two metals. In fact, in projection welding, the components melt thanks to the combined action of the heat generated by the passage of the current on the two surfaces and the action of a mechanical pressure.

Thanks to our experience, we can recommend projection welding in all those cases where the area to be welded is particularly narrow or the two metals have complex surfaces.
Projection welding is able to adapt with millimeter accuracy to the profile of the part to be welded. For this reason the projection welding process is particularly suitable also in all cases of series welding, because it allows to obtain precision and quality even on large numbers!

Spot welding

When it is necessary to join two elements on top of each other, thus welding only a few points together, the best solution is spot welding. It is a technique that, in Prodotti EBI, we use to weld two sheets of the same material or two different materials together but with an extremely similar melting point.

Our experience, in this case, suggests us to choose spot welding especially for iron and steel!

Thanks to the experience gained in over 100 years of field work and a large and updated machine park, we can perform all the steps that allow you to obtain customized, functional and competitive components on the market … including welding. If you need components for automotive or agricultural machinery that also include welding operations, we are there: contact us!