3D printing and automotive: together for the future

The advent of the pandemic was a severe blow to the automotive industry around the world.

Lockdown, travel restrictions and curfew have led to a drastic reduction in the use of a private vehicle, thus causing a decrease in the need of citizens to buy new models. Today, even if we though we’re not quite out yet from the crisis, the movements have gradually increased again.
However, the need to maintain physical distance and the population’s concern for their health led them to re-evaluate their ideas on how to move: now more than ever, everyone considers it valuable to have a vehicle of its own with which to travel.

This consumer awareness is directly reflected in the production activity: the automotive industry is returning to full production ferment and, in order to better
respond to requests, it must find new solutions that guarantee speed, maximum customization and extreme versatility.

How to do it? A concrete help can come from 3D printing. Let’s find out the reasons together.

5 advantages of 3D printing in the automotive industry

The use of 3D printing isn’t just a tool for building prototypes to be sent then in production, but it’s becoming the protagonist in the construction of
many parts of the car.
There are several reasons that make 3D technology extremely important, we propose some of the most salient:

  1. 3D printing allows a considerable acceleration in the development of the final product, making production extremely fast;
  2. high levels of customization are possible, which allows the creation of any component without onerous costs;
  3. the use of 3D technology facilitates the replacement of worn or broken parts, even in the case of very rare pieces to be found;
  4. the material used to build  car’s components is exclusively the essential one; production thus becomes waste-free and a net cost reduction is obtained;
  5. the components created are lighter, in this way the car becomes more ecological, thanks to lower fuel consumption.

As we have already shown on our social media, several companies have gone beyond the creation of single elements with 3D printing to create fully functional cars.

Even in Prodotti EBI, technology is our ally. In fact, our rapid prototyping department with 3D printing is active and at full capacity!
Thanks to this innovative service, we can evaluate in advance any critical areas of molding and anticipate the time of realization of some tools.
A real resource at your disposal!